June 4, 2015

What is a push notification. How can it help my business?

Keep your mobile users engaged and curious.  Offer them value and they’ll keep coming back.

What is a push notification?

The definition of a push notification: a type of message sent from an application to a tablet or cell phone.
It is used to deliver pertinent information to your mobile users.  Push notifications appear as alert-style messages on the home screen of a user’s device. Only about 50 characters in total.  The user does not need to have the app open or running to receive a notification from your app!!!

It is important to understand that push notifications are more than just another mobile messaging channel. Push notifications provide mobile apps with a unique opportunity to engage and communicate with their users, when used correctly.

For example: A very popular chain steakhouse has an app.  I downloaded that app.  On April 15 (tax deadline). I received a push notification from that steakhouse.  It read. “Got your taxes done? stop in for a free bloomin onion.”  This appeared on the top of my phone.  It was non obtrusive, yet very powerful.  This company has 500,000 downloads of their app at the time of this writing.  They sent that 50 character message out in a matter of minutes.  Out of the 500,000 push notifications sent, how many mobile users went to dinner that night for a free bloomin onion?

What would the cost be to send out that same message on snail mail postcards? banners? flyers? billboards? Never mind the time factor.
Ah….I think you are getting it!

So, you are not in the restaurant business.

  • What about the entertainment business?   How about a push that reads, “did you see the trailer for xyz movie yet?”  (post the trailer on your YouTube channel, or Facebook, and now you’ve got customers engaged, and thinking about your business, talking about your business to their friends. (YouTube and Facebook update automatically in your app.)
  • Retail:  “Still looking for new jeans, new items just in.”  or “40% off all purses this weekend.”
  • Limo business:  Focus around weddings, proms, sporting events, and concerts.  Ask customers to download your app, to receive a coupon.  (we can put this coupon in your app). Once they have the app, you can send push notifications to them.  Need a limo?  10% off to prom.

Yes, now, you’ve got it!

Scenario:  Two pizza parlors in the same town.  Both have decent food, decent service, and decent location.  What can one do better than the other?  Bring loyalty with loyalty cards in the app, offer in app coupons, engage the customers, get them involved, send push notifications after a local football game, post pics of local kids eating your pizza on Instagram.  I guarantee they will pick your pizza parlor over your competitor.

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